Gattaibushido:FUSION! Official Games Logs

Playtest Alpha03 In-House, Session 001: Campaign Setup

Wherein we made new characters and planned an awesome new world…

(Dramatic bits up top, original notes dump far below)

Retelling of Setup and Events


Original Notes Dump

Gattai PLAYTEST alpha003

Playtest 003 Writeup

Session 01: 2016-07-03

From the session with Scott, Sixten, and Ross on July 3rd 2016

This is cool as shit. This will get turned into a new “Core Setting” option – I think it would be cool to include three compact settings for the group to use instead of creating their own.

The First Contact templates have to change for this one, as they are a sport team of teenage rebels who use the crystals to kinda get high off physical competition. The new ranks:

  • Knight Bastion: Prevent enemy progress
  • Knight Charger: Move forward and take down the other team
  • Knight Commander: leads, plans, and executes
  • Outrider: The seeker
  • Knight Scout: Strategy and Comms
  • “Squire” Waterboy: Field support
  • Knight “Herald” Cheerleader: Emotional Support

Scott: Charger/Vanguard “Nameless” with a Lion avatar, strong and fast
Sixten: Outrider “Nameless”
Ross: Squire “Jazo Kay”

They squabble, and agree to stay and fight! The gate is destroyed, and the colony is separated from the Milky Way entirely.


The Squire becomes Lord Commander! The Vanguard becomes a “fighting teacher” who teaches new class, but also fights like crazy. The Outrider got injured, went nuts, perma-bonded with her suit and vanished into the wild.

Clones! Well not clones, engineered vat-grown people. They are engineered pre-teens, who come out and then receive education, and help colonize worlds. Derogatory term “unborn” (and we voted, yes they have belly buttons). “Sprouts” is the official “PC” term. Each batch is called a Harvest.

Sixten: “Jim,” a sprout, Red Panda Gun; “betrayed” Pink by getting her on his team, despite her wanting to be on her late brother’s (and she doesn’t know he did that); beat up another team’s leader for bashing on his Sprout status, and totally won; “betrayed” Peiri by getting himself promoted to Team Leader over Peiri; one of his “harvest” brothers found a crystal, Jim took it in order to join up and lost his friend.

Ross: “Peiri Sho,” Blue Spider Retro-Sword; lost her boyfriend of three years after choosing the crystal; pranked Jim leaving him naked in the hallway (but Jim doesn’t know); got into a heated verbal fight with Ex in front of everyone at the school.

Scott: “Billy Joe,” Pink Rhino Hammer, got into a fight with a scientist in a controlled environment; Lost whole family during initial exodus from First Contact, leaving her and brother behind (he was one of the initial Knights, and recently died and gave her his crystal – HE was a Pink Lion).

- Tycho, leader of Stego team (who picked a fight with Jim)

- Note that the initial card you get in a First Contact is added to your starting hand
- Consider just using a default of 3 for all stats in First Contact
- Note that Hand and Draw are different. Draw X, Keep Y, THEN add them to hand.
- “assist” plays affect the nearest ally to your left. If there’s an opponent between you, the assist affects the ally sitting to that opponent’s left
- chain the card assist too, which EACH assisted card being passed, so that theoretically one player could receive a huge dump of cards!
- win condition change: “…until all the opponents have folded”
- need to reframe blue and purple
- restate blue as over-thinking, over-cautious, READY, AIM, AIM, AIM AIM AIM… (while read is READY, FIRE, AIM), borderline perfectionist
- purple then is pure self-doubt,
- both are set up to maybe fall into leadership roles though
- tie Robos into Locations. ALL robo actions should involve potential collateral damage.
- Collateral can have narrative damage, each location should have a mechanical effect and a narrative effect. Narratie effects are dependant upon your own game. Include sample locations and narrative connections within each sample Setting included in the book.


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